Hey all! Made my first Coffee Vlog (a sentence I thought I would never say) about the difference between two of my favourite drippers. I wanted to test these two drippers with one coffee that would benefit from either: a bigger body or more florals. 

I used the same recipe with two different papers - an explanation that fell to the cutting room due to an awkward me on camera - because in my experience the Origami dripper still retains sweetness and florals even with Kono papers. The brews just tend to have slightly more body. This is because - if you are tossing up between the two drippers, you may not have the option to brew with Kono papers, so I wanted the Origami to perform as it would with standard conical papers.

In my experience, Kono is very good at drawing out extra body. To the best of my knowledge, plastics low thermal mass and excellent insulation means it can draw out extra body, much like a plastic v60. As far as the ridges and the angle, I'm not too sure how these contribute to the overall flavour of Kono brews - but plastic, a fast drain rate (due to angle maybe?) and papers with a fast flow rate that have more spaces between the pores means coffee with much more body and rich sweetness.

Origami drippers have also a very fast drain rate thanks to the many ridges on the dripper. The airflow because of this and ceramic makeup means slightly less heat during the start of the brew, and I believe a slightly lower overall temperature. Using regular papers to slow down this brew time meant I could draw out more sugars to compensate.

If you are looking for an explanation of Kono and Origami head to head, or tossing up if you should buy Origami or Kono drippers, this is the video for you!

There's plenty more in the video, so have a watch and feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

Enjoy! Jimmy xx