Monday saw me head to Industry Beans to visit my pal Billy. What I saw was a space designed for maximum spectacle, something that has been pretty absent from Sydney’s coffee scene for quite some time. Maybe it needed a mover and shaker from Melbourne to come around and make itself known! The four rows of tables from the outset seem a little far from the action, and from a distance.. seem kinda cramped. But, those grey chairs are wide and spacious, and out of the massive windows you get the spectacle that is the chaotic 7 - 4 Sydney CBD energy. With that being your outset, it’s no surprise the cool long white bench and modbar bring a kind of professional balance: your coffee and service are the polite, cool calm and collected counter to the hustle outside. 

I also think it’s worth mentioning along with the low set modbar, Industry Beans has one of the sleekest bump screens I’ve ever seen! We tried a similar thing with an iPad on top of our machine, but it never quite sat as comfortable and never promoted much of a boost to effeciency. But let’s keep thinking about  @wastingcoffee and about the little things like our receipt paper contribution to waste! We have so much power in our shops to take the reigns!!

The star of the coffee show was the flat white on the seasonal blend, which surprised me a lot since I haven’t really been blown away by a milk blend in a really long time. It was super duper sweet, and had a really addictive brightness to it, damn! Up front, it had a honey and nougat vibe, and a fudgey brown sugar and slightly citric balance in the mid palate that was so good! As for filter, I had on filter a Malawi coffee (new coffee origin! Yay!) that had a huge body, touch of sweetness and some nice florals creeping in. As Billy put it, it’s kinda like Ethiopians weird cousin. 

I for one support gaudy shows of theatre in coffee. It’s nice to see a space that takes the energy Sydney puts out and recycles it into a calm and easy flowing ride. Thanks for the coffee Industry Beans, hope those white walls stay bright take it easy Jimmy xx 💫