I moved to Canberra 9 days ago and it’s been wild. In fact the day I hosted the v60 class was the day I handed in my notice to Sample. I’ve been busy keeping notes on things to write, but the simple fact of the matter is I haven’t opened my laptop in days. But we’re more settled in now, I have a job and I live in a new city! I wanna talk about it.

Where did he come from?

Just in case there’s people who read my website who don’t read it via my Instagram, here’s some background. I’m James, I was the shop manager at Sample Coffee Pro Shop in St Peters NSW. I have been in coffee for 8 or so years, and the past 12 months have been filled with enough experiences worth writing home about. My partner Laura got her dream job and I decided I wanted to move to Canberra with her. I’m always in pursuit of getting better at hospitality, I seriously can’t and won’t stop!! So moving to Canberra meant I wanted to find a new shop with new experiences, or somewhere that can put me on a similar trajectory. I put the feelers out and ended up at Red Brick Coffee. One of the reasons I wanted to work with them was because of their glowing reputation as incredibly lovely people and ripper coffee roasters in the ACT.

I think it's worth mentioning in my brief-yet-somehow-long time in hospo how worth it is to find a group that share the same values as you. I've had opportunities in the past to work for groups that don't share my level of detail, don't talk in ways that I agree with colloquially or professionally, don't operate with integrity. That being said some of my favourite roles have been with more casual, local feel places, rather than super detail oriented places, just because I like the people and I like what they're about, even if it's not like, the best coffee in the world. When you're moving forward in this crazy industry, hell, even if you're just looking for a lil job on the side, make sure it's with a group of people you like. 

Where did he go?

It was nice to find a group that has a similar enthusiasm to me, plus opportunity for professional growth and still very excellent coffee to be working with. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to seeing the ways I find my own space in a new company. No doubt I will talk about navigating this whole thing as I know for certain there is some amazing literature (podcasts) about growing up as a professional in hospitality.

What I’m really excited about as far as moving goes is getting to set new routines! I moved home midway through last year and found I spent so much time commuting. After a day of work and over an hour of commuting I found it so hard to do absolutely anything! Today for example, I headed home a little earlier than usual (yewww), went for a bike ride, did some washing, drank a beer and started writing.

I’m all about routine, and having my own space to live and being in the middle of everything is going to make all coffee related findings very easy. I of course packed my whole coffee setup too so stay tuned for more brewing exploration!! Plus Canberra has so many cafes and great minds in coffee!!

On top of just coffee stuff I’m also gonna be baking, writing, reading, listening, learning a whole lot too!

It’s also worth mentioning that I think there are a few things that make Canberra’s hospitality a little different to Sydneys - in fact, it’s a currently unpublished post I’m working on - but long story short Canberra has a hospitality scene that is defined by experience. Cafes and bars are very focused on menus with frozen coffee, or plates and drinks with a story. Spaces are so defined by atmosphere - be it light and breezy or intensely functional, plus the city loves ACT and south NSW produce. Everyone is chummy, friendly and just about family in most cases. It’s a cosy scene with lots of personality, and I’m dead set on finding whatever I can.

Got any Canberra tips? Hit me up @jamesperrycoffee on Instagram or shoot me an email at jamesperrycoffee@gmail.com cheers Jimmy xx